Ames Laboratory's fall Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) students began their program with the start of fall semester Aug. 24. The students are, left to right, Kathryn White, Shannon Goes, Kaiser Aguirre, and Adam Dziulko.

When the editors of Physica C asked Ames Laboratory's Paul Canfield to sum up his 30 years of superconductivity research, he didn’t write mere paragraphs. He wrote limericks. Check out this VIDEO.

Critical Materials Institute Director Alex King leads off the Energy Innovation Hub's third annual meeting at Idaho National Laboratory this week, where CMI scientists from national labs, universities, and industry plan research strategy for the coming year.

In the two years since its inception, the Critical Materials Institute -- a U.S. Department of Energy Energy Innovation Hub led by Ames Laboratory -- has racked up an impressive 34 invention disclosures.  READ MORE

Students participating in Ames Laboratory's summer intern programs showcased their research during a poster session in the lobby of Molecular Biology on Thursday, July 30.

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