Graduate student Eeshita Manna inspects an OLED array in the lab.

Graduate student Eeshita Manna inspects an OLED array in the lab. She and other Ames Laboratory researchers created an all-organic UV on-chip spectrometer that can be used in a variety of applications for sensing and analysis. READ MORE

Chris Strasburg discovered an interest in research while working in systems support and cybersecurity. He’s now Ames Laboratory’s cybersecurity manager and working toward a Ph.D. in computer science at Iowa State University, studying artificial intelligence approaches, automation of computer languages, and network security. READ MORE

Todd Zdorkowski (left) and Deb Covey present Ames Laboratory Director Adam Schwartz with the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Techology Transfer Mid-Continent Region Outstanding Laboratory Award. Zdorkowski received the award on behalf of the Lab at the FLC's Mid-Continent Region annual meeting on Aug. 26. 

The second piece of new equipment, a field-emission scanning electron microscope, arrived at Ames Laboratory's Sensitive Instrument Facility on Thursday, Sept. 24. Above, Ames Laboratory program director Matt Kramer, right, documents one of the several crates' safe arrival in the instrument's future home. 

Woooo Hooo! The first piece of equipment -- a $1.3 million focused ion beam microscope -- arrived today at Ames Laboratory's new Sensitive Instrument Facility!

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